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I am on a mission to help people save money on their electricity bills!

I will offer free advice and help you to cut bills by switching your household or business lighting to LED.

If anyone would like to email details of the lighting they currently use in their homes or workplace I will recommend energy saving equivalents that will save you money on your annual electricity/lighting bill



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LED Lighting & LED Lightbulbs – The Facts!

With energy prices continuously rising, the need to reduce household bills will appeal to just about anyone, unless you are stupidly rich…..

HOWEVER, there are many misconceptions regarding energy saving LED light bulbs, and the lack of knowledge regarding this technology can often put people off making the switch.

Lamps2udirect.com would like to try and help those who want to know more. The fact is, LEDs will save you money the moment you start using them. Here are our top 10 reasons to make the switch –

  1. LED light bulbs last longer.

    Without a filament to break or burn out, LED light bulbs can last for over 50,000 hours without showing their age (that’s over eleven years at full brightness). This lifespan is twice that of typical fluorescent bulbs and twenty times longer than incandescent light bulbs.

  2. They are energy efficient.

    An incandescent light bulb loses 80 percent of its energy to heat, leaving only the last 20 percent for light. LED light bulbs turn this around, giving up a scant 20 percent of their energy to heat loss. Not only that, but they operate at 10 to 20 percent of the power required for incandescent bulbs of similar brightness. Household LEDs.

  3. LEDs are more colorful.

    LED light bulbs can be made in a vast array of colors without the use of extra filters, which brings down production costs. They also provide a truer, brighter colour than a filtered bulb. Coloured LEDs!

  4. LED light bulbs work in silence.

    The days of humming bulbs came to an end with the creation of LEDs, so there’s no need to lose sanity listening to the thrum, tick, or ping of other light bulbs.

  5. They are incredibly safe.

    With so little energy lost to heat and so little energy used overall, LED light bulbs run cool, which means no burnt fingers or burnt down houses. They are extremely durable thanks to their solid-state construction, so there’s no broken glass to deal with, either.

  6. LED light bulbs are focused.

    LEDs can be made to focus without the use of extra reflectors or lenses, which means less bulk and lower cost for the same beam of light. LED Reflector Lamps

  7. They are the best for dimming.

    Incandescent bulbs turn yellow when dimmed, while LED light bulbs retain their true colors. Dimmable GU10 LEDs.

  8. LEDs are versatile.

    Thanks to the wide array of colors and shapes LEDs can be made to replace almost any light bulb. Their diminutive size and power-sipping nature also open up a world of possibility, from infrared remote control lights to ultra-light headlamps. If it’s not yet available in the UK, you can bet it is being made!

  9. LED light bulbs bring light quickly.

    Lighting up to their full brightness in microseconds, LEDs are a much better choice when reaction time is a factor.

  10. They promise a brighter future. – LED light bulbs contain no mercury, like compact fluorescent bulbs do. Combining that with the fact that they outlast their fluorescents, makes the choice to switch to LED even easier.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us – sales@lamps2udirect.com

Positive Reviews For ‘No More Spiders’ Repellent Spray

Introducing our new range of insect repellents and Pest Control products.

‘No More Spiders’ Is receiving a lot of positive feed back. Check out these product reviews –

I live in a flat and the most horrible spiders seemed to gather around my outside door and terrify me when I tried to enter or leave. This spray has kept them away this summer. I can see them elsewhere but around my door there are none. I sprayed a wide band all around and it’s keeping them away. It smells like cloves and spices and I like the fact that it doesn’t hurt them, just keeps them away. I’m terrified of them but don’t want to kill them. It has worked around the fireplace as well. Btw it won’t kill them if you spray it on them – it’s not made for that. I’m as terrified as the next arachnophobe if one runs across the floor, but this spray has definitely improved things for me. Suzie-London

I have suffered a persistent plague of big black and brown spiders in my garage for years. I don’t mind the small ones. It’s the big ones that bother me – the ones that run up the wall like a severed hand on the move, and stand alert and facing you when you enter the garage, as if they’ve just spotted dinner. I thought I would try this stuff to encourage them to move elsewhere. I know it doesn’t kill them, but just repels them, which I am happy with. Stephen – England

We used this product all last Autumn and Winter and we had hardly any spiders at all which is most unusual. We spray the outside edges of all our windows. The thing to remember though is you MUST keep spraying every time there is heavy rainfall. The rain washes the spray away. This is not a spray to kill spiders on the spot. It’s meant to keep spiders away in the first place. Carolyn – Oxford

Iv’e sprayed along the floor at the bedroom door, and also along the window double glazing channel plus I still place conkers in the corners of the bedroom and other rooms in my bungalow and I can honestly say I have not had any uninvited
creepy crawleys. So I can sleep in peace even with my mouth open !!!! Rosie – London

i have used this product for about a year and it does deter spiders, i spray it behind furniture on curtains carpets regually. it is natural and safe. Ray – Enfield

Great product. Can’t seem to buy in the shops any more. Pleased to see you can still get it here. Scared of spiders and this does seem to work without killing them. Danny – Hertford

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Will LEDs Really Save Me Money?

Will LEDs Really Save Me Money?……

The short answer is, Yes! LED lightbulbs will save you hundreds in energy bills throughout their lifetime depending on how many you have in use!

I saw this article in the Guardian, and though it would be worth sharing with the Lamps2udirect!


Although some of this information is slightly wrong (i.e Cost of LEDs), the message is very much right! Making the switch to LED light bulbs really is the smart way to cut down on your electricity bills!

LED Light Bulbs


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Some of our latest customer comments that have been emailed! Thank you for taking the time to email us.

‘ I was not sure what I wanted on the fluorescent tubes, all I had was some numbers form the tubes. I asked their help line with my query and not only did they point out what I needed but linked all the tubes individually. To the sites making it easier for me to order all of these, different sizes and watts. I cannot say in words how excellent this service was. Also when I ordered, I got a mail within 8 hours to say items are being dispatched today’ Well done for an excellent service, a very please customer ready to recommend to anyone’ Ramnik Shah  

Goods arrived yesterday.  Thank you for your excellent service.  Product
very impressive – well engineered easy to fit and looks good. Most difficult
part was penetrating eterna’s packaging!!  Denis Child

Got the light Saturday, great. All I have to do now is wait for the rain to stop.
Again many thanks for your great service,I wish we had more companys who were more like you,always helpful! Have a great day. Chris Taylor

Thanks very much for good service. David Clark

Many thanks.  Received the replacements yesterday and all was perfect. Very good service from you, I will happily recommend you to my friends. Neil Cowles

Goods safely received and all 11 ceiling converters installed and working well. Excellent service, thanks very much. Andrew Davis

While I have the time, I would like to say I was extreemly happy with your service, (Despatch, Packing & Pricing).Your delivery was quick also.
Thankyou very much. I have added your company to my favorites on pc & have recommended your quality service to others. I look forward to dealing with you again. Mr Hargreaves

The new light fitting you sent works perfectly. Your service is excellent, sending a replacement without quibbling was great, thanks so much. Vivienne Benson


Daylight Energy Saving Light Bulbs – Ideal for S.A.D Sufferers

Do you suffer from the Winter Blues?

Maybe our daylight energy saving light bulbs can help  – Ideal for S.A.D Sufferers during the Winter!

This time of year we see a big rise in the sale of daylight energy saving light bulbs and daylight fluorescent tubes.

We recently supplied a variety to one of our clients who emailed us the following this morning –

My order has arrived safely and I felt I just had to thank you for the excellent service. It was very securely protected/wrapped – which I have to admit was my worry about buying fluorescent tubes online. Living where I do, I had no choice as daylight tubes are simply not available locally so I was forced to buy a “normal” white tube which made me feel like I was using candlelight compared with what I was used to – So thank you for bringing the sunshine back into my kitchen
All the best
Christine MacDonald

If you have limited natural daylight in and around you home these bulbs & tubes are a perfect remedy!

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