Square & Hexagonal Low Voltage Light Bulbs

Since Aurora made their range of square and hexagonal lamps obsolete at the turn of the year, supplies for these light bulbs has been few and far between.

Specialist square down lighters can only take square lamps meaning, there has been no alternative since January; as you can imagine, back orders for these have been stacking up.

The same applies for the hexagonal lamps and fittings.

We were originally promised delivery for June, this year but annoyingly this date was set back.

Thankfully, we have now received all our stock and are happy to offer both types of lamp in 35 and 50 watt versions!

The capsules built into these lamps now offer an extended 4000 hours of life (previously 2,000!) which makes them much better value for money now!

12 volt 35 watt Hexagonal lamps

12 volt 35 watt Square lamps

12 volt 50 watt Hexagonal lamps

12 volt 50 watt Square lamps

Square bulbs – No in stock!

Hexagonal bulbs – Now in stock!

Planning a Summer party in the next few weeks?

With the temperature unfortunately dipping, the evening BBQs and outdoor parties can become a cold place to be; jumpers and cardies can become a disappointing sight and necessity.

We love summer barbecues and we love summer parties!

We do not love wearing Winter clothing during the summer though, so here is our idea!

Get yourself an outdoor heater – These bad boys push out so much heat, you can stick your sunnies on and dream you’re on a beach somewhere!

Okay, maybe your imagination isn’t that great, but you get the idea.

Keep the party going outdoors this summer – Stay warm – And more importantly keep the sweaters and cardigans off!

View outdoor heaters!


You won’t have to buy light bulbs again for the next 10 years

Remember when LED bulbs first came about and they cost a small fortune. Well, those days are over and you now have absolutely no excuse to still be using old filament bulbs. Apart from the improved performance and dramatically reduced energy consumption afforded by LED bulbs, they also last for an astonishing 10 years before you have to change them.

With prices around the £2 mark, the savings can now be made much quicker.

Here are some key details about LED lighting –

  • REPLACEMENT BULB FOR LAMPS UP TO 500 WATTS: LED bulbs turn on at full brightness with extremely high lumen outputs now available!
  • LONG LASTING: With a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, you can reduce the hassle of frequently replacing your light bulbs. The savings made during this period vary from lamp to lamp – But you will reduce you power usage instantly resulting in instant savings financially.
  • ENERGY SAVINGS: Enjoy the energy-savings of LEDs without sacrificing light quality. With powers from as low as 1 watt, as mentioned above the savings are instant.

Check out our range of LED lamps here – CLICK HERE!

Also check out our energy savings calculator. This is for fluorescent lamps, which means the savings can be as much as double – CLICK HERE!


What is smart lighting? Everything you need to know for your connected home

Controlling lights with your voice used to be something only a god could do, but these days we have smart lighting systems to make any of us feel all-powerful.

The biggest name is Philips with its Hue bulbs, but now IKEA, Hive and a whole host of others have got in on the act too. Let’s get to the important stuff: what’s right for you, is it going to cost a fortune and is it likely to become obsolete any time soon? Let’s find out.

What you need for a smart lighting system

Smart lighting generally uses mesh networking, where each smart bulb wirelessly connects to its nearest neighbour. That network is controlled by a hub that plugs into your router, enabling your other networked devices – such as your phone or tablet – to communicate with your bulbs. Some systems also have an away from home mode that enables you to control the lights when you’re far away, which is handy if you’ve just remembered you left the lights on or want to terrify the babysitter. Not all systems require a hub, though. The LIFX platform just connects directly to your Wi-Fi.

You’ll often find that smart light systems can also be accessorised with additional items such as dimmer switches or motion detectors, and in some cases they can be linked to the IFTTT (If This Then That) service to create complex rules that trigger particular recipes for particular things. Fancy a flash of colour to notify you of an instant message, or a glow to gently break the news of today’s weather forecast? This and much more is possible without too much tinkering.

Siri, Alexa, Cortana and more

Smart lighting systems aren’t just controllable with smartphone or tablet apps. Philips’ Hue system works with Apple’s HomeKit, Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, and that means you can use those platforms’ voice assistants to relay your voice commands. There’s something undeniably cool about saying “Hey Siri, set scene to cinema” or “Alexa, turn the lights off” and seeing it happen. With HomeKit you can also control the lights with an Apple Watch. IKEA’s Trådfri will get similar compatibility later this year.

Hue boasts an Apple Watch app and you can control it via Siri. It works with Google and Alexa too.

Because developers have targeted mobile platforms first that puts Microsoft in the unusual position of being an afterthought: Hue works via a third party app, Huetro, and IKEA doesn’t appear to have any plans for Windows support. We’re sure somebody will hack something together, but for the time being Windows isn’t really welcome at the smart lighting party.

What kinds of bulbs are available?

There are three main kinds: standard bulbs, candle bulbs and spotlights. Standard bulbs come with E27 or bayonet fittings; candle bulbs with SES (small screw) fittings; and spotlight bulbs are most commonly GU10 spotlight fittings.

Smart bulbs come with standard fittings: bayonet cap, large and small Edison screws and GU10 spotlight fittings.

Smart lighting bulbs are LED, which draws much less power than traditional incandescent light bulbs. A typical smart bulb is 9.5W or 5.5W for spotlights and candle bulbs. That’s roughly equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb and a 50W spotlight bulb respectively.

You’ll usually have a choice of two kinds of bulb: white ones or colour changing ones. The latter are more complex to make and therefore cost quite a bit more. As with normal LEDs, white bulbs come with stated colours: warm white has a yellowish cast which more closely resembles incandescent bulbs’ light, while cool white is blueish like modern car headlights.

How much does a smart lighting system cost?

Put it this way: if you’re hoping that switching to a smart LED lighting system is going to save you so much in energy bills it’ll pay for itself in no time, you’re going to be disappointed. Smart lighting systems don’t come cheap, although they are slowly getting cheaper.

A range of smart lighting products will be added to www.lamps2udirect.com soon – Be sure to keep and eye out!

Source – Gary Marshall – Digital home  

Smilight T5 Fluorescent Tubes

Britain’s biggest furniture retailer MFI went into administration over 10 years ago now and still the Smilight range of fittings and tubes they used to fit in their kitchens and bathrooms continue to be one of our biggest sellers.
Lamps2udirect will continue to supply the 8 watt, 13 watt, and 24 watt tubes and Smilight fittings as long as we possibly can.
We offer the best prices for MFI Smilight tubes online and will always attempt to keep stock levels at a maximum.
Anyone having trouble trying to obtain this type of T5 fluorescent tube shouldn’t worry about the short term future of these lamps, however, it may be an idea to keep a short amount of stock.
For the range of replacement Smilight tubes – Click Here To View 
For the range of replacement Smilight fittings – Click Here To View!
Contact:Martin Williams

Your Guide To Energy Saving Light Bulbs

LED lamps are hugely popular and this type of lighting is showing no signs of decline. Energy efficient, long lasting and versatile, they are available in various shapes, intensities, beam angles and colours meaning they can be used for a variety of lighting applications, especially where creativity needs to combine with easy to install lighting effects. LED lamps give you a lot of light for your energy and they can be more than 10 times as efficient as their incandescent counterparts. Also, unlike some other types of energy saving lamps, LEDs can produce instant warm, soothing light the moment you switch them on. LED’s are the most expensive energy saving option but offer a very long life up to 50,000 hours, with savings made over a period of time LED lamps will easily pay for themselves many times over.

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The result of traditional fluorescent lamp making skills, compact fluorescent lamps have helped created a range of retrofit lamps that will directly replace incandescent mains voltage lamps. CFLs are available in a wide range of shapes and formats to meet the growing need for compact, energy efficient performance. They offer a comprehensive range of light source solutions giving long life, high colour rendering and constant light output throughout their life. Compact fluorescent bulbs use only about 25% of the electricity an incandescent bulb, but they cannot reach full brightness immediately it may take up two minutes to reach their maximum output. This is often seen as a negative, and sometimes people get this type of technology mixed up with LEDs. LEDs fully illuminate instantly. CFLs generally don’t.

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Halogen lamps are known for excellent colour rendering and a cool crisp white light. This makes them the preferred light source for decorative, accent and general lighting. Mains voltage halogen lamps operate without the need for a transformer, and can be dimmed: making them quick and easy to install, simple to operate with a subsequent lowering of installation and user costs, up to 30% with some lamps. Low voltage halogen lamps operate on step-down transformers, to lower mains voltage to approximately 12V and are also dimmable. High light intensity and long life make them an ideal lamp for accent lighting, task lighting and spotlight applications. Halogen lamps offer around 30% energy saving compared to standard GLS light bulbs and last about 2,000 hours.
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Megaman Malo LED Battens – An alternative to Deltech series 5000 battens?

The Deltech series 2000 and 5000 battens continue to fly off our shelves.

It is a fantastic product offering unrivaled specification at a unbeatable price.

However, for the client that prefers to be using what is considered a premium brand Deltech might not quite cut it.

Megaman have now released the Malo LED batten, which is set to compete with Deltechs series 5000 range.

The prices don’t really fall in line with the series 5000 but Megaman are a manufacturer who have never been too worried about their competitors prices.

Check them out here – CLICK HERE TO VIEW!


T8 LED Tubes – LED Battens – New Deltech Series 5000 – Was series 2000

Designed for easy installation with integral solid quick release brackets, these LED batten fittings are designed to enhance room lighting.

Perfect for display showrooms, offices and kitchens these are also proving popular for replacement lighting in garages and attics due to the premium crisp light quality.

IP20 internal use only. Sleek Aluminium / Polycarbonate resistant Profile.

Slimline design just 25mm depth and 75mm width. Fully enclosed unit, pre wired at the full length. Accepts 110V and 230V power supplies.

No more tube replacing, No more starter changing, No more flickering light and energy savings up to 70% compared with fluorescents light fittings.

These LED fittings can be fitted directly to the surface or with the separately supplied suspension kit – Click Here!

Available in 2ft – 3ft – 4ft – 5ft and 6ft sizes, these fittings are quickly becoming one of our best sellers. For prices and stock availability – CLICK HERE!

Deltech 2ft Battens – DL5BT2K

Deltech 3ft Battens – DL5BT3K

Deltech 4ft Battens – DL5BT4K

Deltech 5ft Battens – DL5BT5K

Deltech 6ft Battens – DL5BT6K

It’s that time of the year again – Spring = Solar Lighting

So, this time of year we expect to see a boom in solar lighting sales and hopefully this year will see that trend continuing.

We have a few new fittings to offer which we think will prove to be popular. Here are our top 10 buys for Spring 2017….

1) SS9826 Curve Solar Motion Light – Outdoor Solar Light – Click Here To View!









2) Outdoor Solar Powered Kodiak Mini Solar Wall Light – SS9935 – Click Here To View!








3) SS7516 Evo15 Solar Powered Outdoor PIR Utility Light – Click Here To View!








4) Outdoor Solar Powered Paverlight Brick Lights 2pk – Click Here To View!








5) Stainless Steel Outdoor Solar Powered Truro Solar Motion Wall Light – Click Here To View!








6) Kensington Solar Powered Outdoor Wall Light SS9833 – Click Here To View!








7) Konstsmide 7636-000 Outdoor Solar Powered LED Lantern – Click Here To View!








8) Colour Changing Hanging Solar Aria Crystal Ball – Click Here To View!








9) Solar Powered Stainless Steel Round Deck Light – SS7542 – Click Here To View!








10) 2x London XT SS9896 Solar Powered Outdoor Post Lights – Click Here To View!